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How to Host a Party!

Girls, do you love fashion accessories?
Hosting a “Jaq-Lin’s Fashion Addiction” party is a fantastic way to receive these for free! 

As a host of a “Jaq-Lin’s Fashion Addiction” party you will earn 10% of the total product sales toward your purchase.  If merchandise sales from your guests are $800.00 then you will receive $80.00 towards your purchase!

We organize our shows similar to an open house. Parties generally run 1 ½ to 3 hours plus setup and pack-up time, depending on the group size (we ask that you provide a minimum of 8 guests).  

We are available to answer questions and always love to chat but do not have a formal presentation; this gives guests an opportunity to shop anytime during that period.   Many hosts find it’s the perfect reason to get friends together and what better way than with what girls love most – FASHION!

We will offer you and your guests the latest styles in purses, scarves and jewellery, consulting with you before your party to see what selection of product you’d like us to bring. What’s even more fantastic – You take what you buy home that night!

We accept cash, visa and mastercard

We are also happy to participate in fundraiser events for non-profit /charity organizations.  A great way to raise $ while getting some shopping done!

Email us with your questions today: